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I have been passionate about fitness for as long as I can remember. I have tried just about every workout system out there: P90X, Insanity, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and Jillian Michaels Body revolution. I have ran  5ks, 10ks, half marathons, and Full marathon. I have been an avid gym class attendee in Spinning, Pilates, Yoga,  and Kick Boxing. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. One thing I’ve learned is that all the moves…an all these programs…are not really that unique. But it’s the combination and intensity that matters.

I have been following Jess over at for the past 3 months, and my body has changed and become SO much stronger in the past 3 months, than it has in years! She uses combinations of CrossFit, HIIT training, She gives demos on ALL the correct form and methodology of the moves. Her GNC workouts are my favorite. I usually take her workouts and tabata them all…which is 20:10×8 (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 times). She has even put together sample workout plans for the week.

Here’s are  a few links to some of my favorites of hers. But in all honesty, I love them all. The “Shamrock Shapeup” is my favorite to do at home if I don’t plan on running too. Workouts

GNC Total Body Tabata

GNC Lean Legs

GNC Sculpt your Arms 

GNC Butt Blaster (love this name!)

GNC Hard Core Workout


I have trained for all lengths of runs. But until recently I haven’t really worked on speed. Training for distance was easy for me. you find a schedule, and you stick to it. You push that “extra mile” at a time and “Just Do It”. But speed work requires  mental work too. There is a science to speed work. I am not yet a PT, but I have found some speed training tips, plans, and ideas that have worked for me….

  • Use Interval training
  • run stairs
  • run different types of settings (i.e. trails, pavement, beach, etc)
  • Run to different types of music. If I’m working on an interval run, I’ll go from  Mumford and Sons to “5-1-5-0”  by Dierks Bentley… or La Roux’s “Bullet Proof” to Adele… If the song is slow, but then has intense parts, like Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”, it’s a good song to use for interval running. I personally like feisty girl music like Miranda Lambert, The Pistol Annies, and Carrie Underwood.
  • Pandora is a runner’s best friend if you have a smart phone- it lets you switch up your music based on your mood. When I was training for the Chicago Marathon, I spent A LOT of money on music. I use to “bribe” myself to go for a long run with new music (and jelly beans!)
  • Best Running Advice (from the hubs): Just do it…one foot in front of the other, and DON’T STOP!
  • You may feel like you are going to die…but unless you have a legit medical excuse…the “burning sensation is completely normal” 🙂

Here are a few Running Workouts I came up with that works for me and my current fitness goals (speed over distance)

miss uppity workout

interval run


Here’s a link to another one of my favorites that I found on Pinterest:

Minka Kelly’s Treadmill Workout

I also like Jess’ Treadmill Workouts. I haven’t tried them all, because she uses circuits between running-strength training- running…and I think the people at my gym might think I’m crazy…My gym is pretty much two big rooms filled with equipment…and everyone can see anyone. So, once I swallow my pride, or just go when there aren’t that many people, I’ll let you know my reviews!

I like Julie’s Treadmill Workouts at PB fingers too. She has a wide range of intensities to choose from…all the way from walking, to incline, and HIIT. She also has timed workouts, so if you only have 20 min, you can pick a workout, or if you want to get some serious time in you can do 45-55 treadmill plan too. Pretty awesome.

So that’s it. I’ve found that following blogs that use HIIT and CrossFit style workouts, in conjunction with running, are FAR more effective than any product or system out there. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Tony Horton and Shawn T….but I prefer these lovely ladies more. 🙂



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