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Snack Attack!

7 Jul

Eating Smart

clean snacks

1. Eggs: The incredible, edible, eggs. They are my go to. They have saved me numerous times from the ravenous 3:00pm wall. {Have you experienced that? when you need food NOW and will raid the pantry and eat everything and anything?!}

2. Frozen Fruit: I like frozen grapes and watermelon the best. I have a bad habit of chewing ice, so this helps me overcome that too. I buy fresh, organic fruit, wash it, and toss it in a bowl, throw it in the freezer {without a lid…it takes FOREVER to freeze if you put a lid or seal over it} I’ve even convinced my nieces {ages 4 & 5} that it’s an ice cream treat. Healthy habits start young!

3. Fresh Fruit: Grapefruit is widely known for its effect on metabolism, but it is also high in antioxidants. Read HERE about why you should eat more grapefruit. Other fruits I can’t get enough of lately are strawberries and fresh picked blueberries!

4. Greek Yogurt: Need more protein? Ditch your regular yogurt and switch to low fat Greek Yogurt. With about 20g protein a serving, and calcium for strong bones, you can’t go wrong. I like to put some PB2 and fresh fruit into mine. Again, it’s a pseudo ice cream treat…add a scoop of whey protein for a healthy on the go breakfast!

5. Protein Bites: I’m a huge fan of Quest bars. but they get pricy at about $3/bar. I use to eat one or two a day, but now I save them as treats. I make my own power bites that are vegan and gluten free. You can find the recipe HERE.

6. Protein Shakes: Quick and easy, good after a hard workout, I love protein shakes. Especially in the summer. They are so versatile, you can add nutrients in based on your own needs. I like to use 1 scoop whey protein, 1 handful spinach {I’m popeye for sure!}, 2 tbs PB2 {powdered Peanut Butter}, 1 tbs Stevia, 1 cup ice, and 8 oz water. Again, pseudo ice cream!

2013-06-19 21.21.25

2013-06-22 20.06.22

7. Turkey Jerky and Avocado Slices: Yum! Just make sure that your turkey jerky is sulfate and preservative free. This snack is full of protein, omegas, and healthy fats. This is a great snack for that 3pm wall, or pre-workout {just don’t over due it…especially if you’re on your way to CrossFit! whoo..burpees might take on a new meaning…}

8. Carrots and Almonds: One of my favorite combinations. I buy the 100 cal pack natural almonds because I have a tendency to eat the whole bag if I don’t…and often times I will eat the whole bag of baby carrots. During the school year this was a go to for me, since I never really get to sit down and eat, I can just walk around on playground duty with my bag of carrots. My palms actually turned orange, and the kids call me  ‘Mrs. Rabbit’, but that’s fine by me! Much better than eating a bag of chips! It’s also good when you’re craving something crunchy. Also, it’s a superfood, full of health benefits {Maybe this is why I have 20/20 vision!}.

9. Cottage Cheese and Sliced Tomatoes: I have to give credit to Kristin Johnson for this one. I kinda forgot about cottage cheese, but this is a great side for lunch or snack on its own. I sprinkle it with pepper and sea salt.

10: Protein Pudding: This is credited to my friend Kyle Dorsch (Thanks Kyle!) You need chia seeds, whey isolate powder, and almond meal.

Protein of your choice (I use either ON 100% Whey or Promasil by Rival-us). The flavor is up to you but I’m partial to my vanilla.
Almond Meal (Flour)
Chia Seeds
1. Mix approximately 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of chia seeds with double the amount of water. (1/4:1/2 – 1/2:1). Let them soak for about 10 to 15 min or until the chia seeds form a nice “gel” like coating (you may need to stir them to get the floating seeds to soak).
2. Determine your desired amount of protein you want to intake (I use 2 scoops which equals around 53g) of your preferred protein and mix it into the chia seed mixture.
3. Mix an equal amount of almond meal into the chia seed/protein mix (1:1 ratio for protein and almond meal)
4. Stir and enjoy
A few side notes:
– Feel free to soak your seeds over night, so if you workout in the morning they are ready when you get home.
– If you feel the pudding is to “clumpy” or “thick” just add some water and/or seeds until you are happy with the consistency.

Food is Intimate

Our relationship with food is a reflection of our spiritual life. When we are out-of-wack, we tend to “medicate” with food. Think about what you do when you’re happy…do you celebrate with food? When you’re sad..comfort food? what about when you’re lonely or bored? Food is a powerful drug. Unfortunately, if food is your weakness, it’s not as if you can abstain from it like a drug addict or an alcoholic. But chemical and spiritual warfare are at hand if you’re struggling with food.


Here’s a book that I read that really helped me to understand the link between my diet and spiritual life. Just know that if this is you…You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with their diet and health. I am not a doctor, but this is why I’m here .I struggled and I have found what works for me, I now live passionately and vibrantly. I want you to too! “Life is too short to spend another day at war with yourself.”

I BLOG         strength through hardship


More is….MORE

1 Jul

When you feel like giving up…give it all you’ve got.


Photo Credit HERE 

You’ve heard the saying “less is more”, but sometimes, more is just, well, more.

The only way to get better at something is to do it MORE. This is true in all facets of life. But wanting something and actually working for it are two different things. And sometimes we need to recognize that saying “YES” to one thing, means saying “NO” to another. For example…Saying YES to a gym membership means saying NO to shopping {Fair trade! I hate shopping!}. And saying “Yes” to following Jesus, means saying “NO” to being a jerk! {Jesus is Love. And that’s the TRUTH}.

Here are a few things I want MORE of, and how I plan to achieve it.

  • Jesus {Practice being more like Jesus. Give Kindness whenever I can…and even when I “can’t”}
  • My Family and Friends {Invest in them MORE. Open my ears and LISTEN to them.}
  • CrossFit {Practice and go to class MORE. Stop telling myself I “can’t”. }
  • Education {Learn more to teach more}
  • Peanut Butter {oH yUm}

Ok, the last one, really not such a good idea. But you get the picture.

can't into cans

Photo Credit HERE

One thing I definitely ALWAYS want more of is AVOCADO! So here’s my new summer salad Recipe:

2013-06-29 18.01.27

Summer Salad

Serves 8

4 Cups Spring Mix Lettuce

1/2 Cup Cherry Tomatoes {One big fist full}

1 Head Broccoli, chopped

4 Diced Avocados

1/4 Cup Sundried Zesty Tomatoes

1/2 Cup Cracked Pepper Sliced Almonds

Dressing: Lite Sesame Ginger

I brought this salad to a dinner party and it went over very well. I think in large part because I put MORE avocado in it than usual. I added chicken to it to complete a meal, but others ate it as a side.

After I ate WAY too many Paleo Bites, I realized the BEST Protein Bite is the incredible, edible egg! I have a dozen hardboiled in my fridge at all times. This has saved me from many ravenous episodes. 🙂

2013-07-01 20.46.01

What about you? What’s your go-to snack?

Read. Run. Eat

23 Jun

Have you heard of Rich Froning?



photo credit:

I have been on a reading kick lately, but I’ve found that my passion for literary works is waning, and I’m more interested in biographies and memoirs. It was serendipitous that I am getting into CrossFit and the male face of CrossFit comes out with a memoir…and then, it just so happens that I felt God put it on my heart to only read about things that are honoring to God….and guess what?! Froning’s book has a Christian focus. Double Score! I snagged an ebook copy HERE. I have the NOOK app on my iPad, but I found that I can download the FREE CBDreader app from I really liked that I was supporting a Christian bookstore too. does not have the ebook yet. So If you are impatient like me, get the ebook at and download the free CBDreader app and you’ll be in like flynn.

I thought this was really cool too, watch a typical workout for Rich Froning HERE.

I love working out and challenging myself. It gives me an incredible boost of self esteem to know that I gave something my all. Right now I know I have a long road ahead of myself to get fit enough to fully complete CrossFit WODs the way they are meant to be done. But I am really excited to see where my journey will take me.

At times I feel guilty for being so dedicated to working out. So I hope this memoir gives me a good perspective on Faith and Fitness. I’ll keep ya updated 😉


Today I went on a 4 mile run. It was way too hot. I ran by the lake and it literally looked the like beach was one giant ant hill.



But I was still glad that I did it. I was putting it off for TOO long.

I used a new playlist that I wanted to share with you. I thought it was a good one:

“Run it” Playlist

Song:                    Artist:

Radioactive          Imagine Dragons

Light Em Up        Fall Out Boy

Sail                         AWOLNATION

Blurred Lines       feat. T.I. & Pharrell

I’m Down               The Almost

Raise The Banner      Audio Adrenaline

More of You             Goo Goo Dolls

Slow it Down          Goo Goo Dolls

What a Mystery      Josh Wilson


I know it’s a bit of a mix up between secular and Christian music, but It’s upbeat and really gets you motivated. I ran super fast up hills to the first four songs, and then at a moderate, contemplative pace for the rest. I think it’s a keeper for a fast run.


2013-06-23 20.06.55


Tonight’s dinner was gluten free breaded chicken and veggies in parmesan cheese! So YUM

2013-06-23 19.21.08 2013-06-23 19.25.18


Here’s what I did:

I took 1 gallon sized zip lock bag and put in the following-

1/2 cup Glutino bread crumbs

1/2 tbs Slap Ya Mamma

1/4 tbs Morton’s MSG Free Garlic Salt

1/2 tbs Cilantro

Put it in the bag and shake. It can’t get easier than that!

This mix was enough for 4 chicken breasts (2 for us for tonight, and 2 for leftovers tomorrow).

2013-06-23 19.27.27


Bake for 35 minutes at 375 degrees.

Then I simply steamed the veggies in the microwave in a bowl with a little water and a paper towel over it. DON’T buy steamer bags, WASTE of money. This works even better.

Then I sprinkled some low fat parmesan cheese and sea salt on the veggies. So easy. Took 45 minutes to make if you include prep time. But I actually got my ab workout in while it was baking, so totally hands off, easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I’m thinking Glutino Breadcrumbs will become a staple in my kitchen

For desert we had FROZEN GRAPES!! {Caution…once you pop, you can’t stop!}

2013-06-23 19.30.54


If you try this – just know that they don’t 100% fully freeze. They take a couple hours too. But It’s my new summer treat! I shared it with my nieces {4 and 6 years old} over the week and convinced them it was their “treat” for the day! I love that they totally bought it and LOVED it! They were really excited about it too. So fun to pass on a passion for healthy eating! ❤

Shop the Perimeter

23 Jun

Getting Restocked.

If you don’t make a plan, you plan to fail {I am so turning into my mother…}

Last week I practically survived on baby carrots, Spinach Protein shakes, grapefruit, and quest bars.

2013-06-22 20.06.54 2013-06-22 20.06.22

Although, it’s healthier than other “on the go” food choices, I really missed cooking in the kitchen. So it was time to get stocked up.

Grocery List

2013-06-23 11.56.28


I love to grocery shop. I consider it prosaic..I love reading food labels, and seeing what’s in season, or if there are any new products out. I spend more money on food than anything else. I buy my clothes at Goodwill, and my food at top quality. It’s worth the trade off. I’m sure you’ve heard of this, but I usually focus on shopping the perimeter of the store when looking for healthy choices. I could never understand why people buy “flavored” items…when you could just eat the real thing (ex: strawberry fruit snacks….Just eat Strawberries people!)

I had to go to a couple stores today to find my beloved Ezekiel Bread…But it’s the only bread I’ll eat. It’s made from sprouts and seeds.

2013-06-23 12.40.04 AND it’s the only “bread” that won’t upset my IBS.

I think you should always try something new too, so tonight I’m going to make “Chicken Sausage”

2013-06-23 12.41.22

I will eat it sans bread of course, But Ryan will eat em’ just like they are hot dogs.

Then I got into the great protein debate…..I LOVE GNC, and I’ve been using their protein powder for a long time. But it does get pricey.

2013-06-22 20.14.35

The ISO-DEFINE tastes amazing, is 150 cal, 4.5g fat, 2g sugar, 9g carbs and 20g protein. It’s also $50 and have 20 serving sizes. Making it $2.50/ shake.

The Designer Whey has 100 cal, 2g fat, 2g sugar, 6g carbs, and 18g protein. It was $21 and 28 servings….making it .75 cents per protein shake….

and the winner was….

2013-06-23 12.52.45

What Protein Powder do you use? I use it everyday, so it really matters to me that I’m putting the best into my body. But at the same time…money matters too. I am joining Lake Effect Crossfit soon, so I need to watch my pennies! With every decision we make, saying YES to one thing, means saying NO to another. So I’am going to be a “frugal foodie” from now on. My main mantra is that you need to eat food. Real food. In the form that GOD made it. So, lets just pray that fruits and veggies remain affordable!

Because this is my attempt to grow my own food:

2013-06-22 19.58.33 2013-06-22 19.59.27

Let’s just say that if I had to grow my own food…I’d be dead by now! I seriously eat at least a 1lb bag of veggies/ day….three jalapeños and a few green tomatoes would not even last me past breakfast! God Bless Farmers!!!

I also heard the other day, “Fruit is God’s desert”. I LOVE FRUIT. I do eat it like desert, because it is full of carbs and sugar. I know a lot of people like to go “bananas” with fruit, and claim that it’s a “free food”, but I actually gained MORE weight juicing fruits and eating them in large quantities. So like anything, balance is key. My new favorite is putting grapes in the freezer! They’re like popsicle bites! So good!

I also LOVE 80 cal vanilla greek yogurt with PB2 and fresh fruit. {it’s a taste of heaven on earth!}

2013-06-23 13.11.22

And I will leave you with this little tid-bit for inspiration. I had a friend once tell me that “eating it the most intimate thing we do.” This is so true {think about it for a sec…it effects every cell in our bodies, and it can control how we feel} This being said, you can’t have a good workout without proper fuel. Eat to live. Not Live to eat. Food is power, use it wisely!


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