About Crossfit

I was watching the 2012 Crossfit games on ESPN and they gave this definition for fitness:

The capability to be prepared for whatever circumstance may present itself.

Ok, that was major paraphrasing. But the point was that human bodies were designed to lift heavy things, and to be able to be agile at the same time. Crossfit attempts to mimic real life situations in which strength is required.

Crossfit was originally designed for military personal, and are comprised of intense training programs that challenge not only your body, but your mentality as well. Crossfit pushes you out of your comfort zone to see what you’re really capable of.

I THOUGHT I was really fit. I ran a marathon in 2009, I’ve done spin class, pilates, kick boxing; and have tried P90X, and insanity…HOWEVER…I have always avoided weights like the plague. I realized, after trying a crossfit workout, and after trying ONE pull up, that I am not nearly in as good shape as I thought I was.

I love crossfits’ philosophy on fitness, and it has inspired me to challenge myself in ways I have never imagined. So I’m picking up heavy things, and trying to challenge myself daily.

So…the most simple ideas I have learned from crossfit:

lift heavy things (quickly, but with proper form)

Never settle, try harder with each workout

Quality of time vs. Quantity of time

Eat REAL food

Don’t make excuses, just try your BEST. Everyday.

For more information about crossfit, go right to the main source! HERE

At crossfit.com you can get a starters guide, free WOD (workout of the day), and nutritional tips and support.

My goal is to become a personal trainer, but I am starting with myself first. I am putting myself through the diet and workouts to see if I have what it takes. After all, I don’t want to be a hypocrite and tell people what to do if I can’t do it myself. So, I am my first guinea pig. Wish me luck!


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