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Food For Fuel

19 Oct


I’m reviving my old blog to help facilitate communication about the gym, food, and community!

Yesterday we had a meeting about nutrition. I’ll post our documents on here in case you lose yours.

It’a all about meal planning today! Let’s start our week off right by making a list, checking it twice, and prepping our food for the week.

1. FUEL YOUR WORKOUTS: Have a preworkout snack with carbs. A banana, protein shake, or health bar ( KIND Bars, Lara Bars, etc.)


3. Eat at least 30 min after your workout, either a protein shake (we recommend Progenex) or a balanced meal with protein and healthy carbs (sweet potato, rice).

4. All other meals focus on protein, veggies, and a little bit of fat

Basic meal template for Eat to Perform, an ideal diet for those who Crossfit or do any sort of weight training or resistance training. Diet is based on carb loading around your workouts and not restricting anything. Most people need to eat more calories! For more diet and exercise tips, check out @winetoweights at
Learn what to eat before and after your next workout to maximize the benefits of your exercise routine.

Don’t you just love technology! So much information is at our finger tips. I love the idea of a banana and almonds. Super easy for on the go days.

Planning the week out can be simple. Here’s my super un-fancy plan for dinners this week:


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wed Thurs Friday Saturday Left Overs for lunches
Crockpot steak White Chicken Chili Taco Tuesday Stir Fry Stuffed Sweet Potato Fried Chicken Thighs Family Dinner.

beef broth


sweet potatoes

chicken breastchipotle chili powder

4 cups low-sodium chicken broth

plain Greek yogurt


cilantro leaves

jalapeno peppers minced

red onion

tomatillos quartered

Kosher salt

ground cumin

90% lean ground beefsalsa




eggs* (v)

stir fry veggies

sweet potatoesavocado

cottage cheese


chicken thighssweet potatoes Find out what dish to bring MondayWed

All other days Cobb Salad for lunch:


Hard boiled eggs

Quality lettuce and veggies

Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Ranch dressing

Athlete Profile:

Athlete Profile:


Current Composition


Age Height Weight TDEE Calories
Macro Nutrients break down
PR’s Before (October) During (December) After (January)
Back Squat
Front Squat
Power Clean
Power Snatch
Push Press
Bench Press
Strict Press
SKILLS (1 min amrap)
Pull Ups
Push Ups
Double Unders
Box Jumps
*Muscle Ups
Rope Climbs
500m Row
1 mile Run

*To lose weight, decrease total calories by 200-300 from carbs.

*Advanced movement

Try to pick a few skill and endurance movements to work your way through before or after class and record your results. Afterall, the biggest changes you’ll notice is in how your clothes fit and how well you perform. Yes, this means you have to do a little extra work before or after the WODs. You should already have an idea of your current lifts. They should be programed into our training. Don’t try to max out your lifts without proper coaching. Contact Peter if you do not know what your current PR’s are, and he can look to find when you can test them.

Progress Weight Dress Size How you feel*

*How you feel is the most important element.

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