Pre and Post Workout Fuel

27 Feb

Here’s the deal.You can out eat any amount of exercise.

I know, I know. It makes me sad too! I’d love to be able to eat a whole jar of Almond butter after an intense day at the gym, but it’s not going to help you accomplish your goals.

out of almond butter

As someone who has worked out daily for the past 10 years, I can truly attest to two things that work

1. CrossFit

2. Eating whole, real foods…and using portion control

I can also tell you what did not work for me:

1. Running..marathon training/ standard gym experience

2. Avoiding lifting weights because I thought I’d get bulky…in the words of Dewight Schrute…


But that brings me to the question that I get so often… “What DO you eat?”In layman’s terms. Food. Based on the Paleo diet, if it had a face, or grew from the ground, you can eat it.

But what about around a workout? Good question. It’s taken me a long time, and a few set backs to figure this out. But once I did, I started feeling so much better, I had more stamina, my CrossFit performance improved, and I was overall less lethargic.

Pre-Workout Options:

-Banana and almond butter

– Hard boiled eggs

– Lara Bars

Home Made Lara Bars

Post Workout Options:

Whey isolate protein powder

-Hard boiled eggs

-Pre-cooked Lean meats

Sulfate/nitrate free jerky

-Pre-cooked sweet potatoes

Scotch Eggs

Sweet potato chips

Other sites I get paleo inspiration from are:

Stupid Easy Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo


I think it’s important to know that finding what works for you doesn’t happen overnight. Most people are not sensitive enough to their bodies to realize how nutrition affects them, so it might take  longer to winnow out what they can tolerate and what they can’t.

Make sure you fuel your body. And back off on the Paleo “treats”…they’re sneaky! Eat real food, mostly veggies, then meat, and a little fruit.


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