Faith, Fitness, and Humble Pie

19 Jul

Priority Check

Here’s a Confession: My priorities have been completely out-of-wack lately.

It’s been hot, and sleep has been fleeting, so I’ve been reading THIS book until the wee hours.



I was hoping to gain insight on how to get better at CrossFit…maybe Froning had some crazy diet plan or advice that would make everything click for me. To my surprise, what I gleaned most from Froning’s book, is that I need a priority check.

This has been my first summer as a teacher, and I am not use to having so much free time. I’ve worked hard my whole life. Missing Prom to wait tables, always working on birthdays and holidays, and really long hours. It’s almost a culture shock to have so much time to myself. But with much time, comes much responsibility {something like that, right?}. I really love CrossFit, and the CrossFit community. I plan to go 5-6 times a week and work on improving my skills. But I do need to recognize that there are other priorities that I have neglected in light of my new found passion.

Froning explains his priorities as the “Three F’s: faith, family, and fitness.” I’d say mine have been Fitness, fitness, and fitness lately. Although I know I need to step it up and work harder in the gym, I need to leave it there. When I come home I need to be home, when I go to work I need be at work. Men are typically better at compartmentalizing than women. Women tend to carry things around in their heads all day, and instead of leaving something alone, it will spill over into everything else, and build. Sometimes this can be an advantage, but most of the time, it adds unnecessary stress to our daily lives.


How to Get Refocused

I think it’s important to note that I’m not trying to say fitness is bad, or an obsession. It just needs balance. I’m not going to workout any less, or not try as much. In fact, I want to try harder! But it’s not my religion. I need to remember these steps to maintain my priorities:

1. Pray First

2. Think of others before myself

3. Give my best effort, everyday, to everything

4. Pray as if everything depends on the Lord, and work as if everything depends on me.

I don’t want to do anything half way. I want to be able to give my all in every aspect of my life, and that includes relationships and work too. We are all works in progress, and all have areas we need to strengthen.

mumford and sons

What about you?

Can you relate?

What do you do when you need a priority check?



One Response to “Faith, Fitness, and Humble Pie”

  1. Shawn July 19, 2013 at 9:23 am #

    Love this post! It really is easy to lose focus in life, thanks for the lovely tips to get refocused.

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