Devotion {Don’t Get Comfortable}

6 Jul

“Don’t get Fat and Sassy”

One of my favorite football players and speakers is Kirk Cousins.

kirk cousins

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He played quarterback for Michigan State University, and is now playing in the NFL for the Washington Red Skins. But the reason I like Kirk is not for his talent, although he is very talented, but I respect his integrity as an athlete and as a Christian. He stands up for his beliefs and raises the bar for all athletes. He exemplifies how to respond to success in all facets of life. One saying that I particularly like from Cousins is “DON’T GET FAT AND SASSY”. He was being interviewed about a game where he didn’t play as well as he usually does. His response was that he got ‘fat and sassy’, and needed to readjust his thinking {as well as the other players on the team}. MSU was in a winning streak, and then they lost to a team that they were expected to beat. We do this too! In life, we get so comfortable in our routines and habits that sometimes we go on “auto-pilot” and don’t give the right attention or effort into what we’re doing. I realize I get “Fat and Sassy” in a lot of aspects of my life. In my relationships, I just assume things will workout with minimal effort. In my faith, I forget to put God first, and  at work I can get caught up on a successful lesson plan, and then let another one flop. When we’re successful we seem to think it will last and that we can just “coast” through. Same with eating right and working out! How often do we stick to something almost religiously, and then give ourselves a “cheat day”? Personally, I can’t do cheat days because they almost always turn into cheat weeks!

Success is like a ride on a wild bull. When you’re on top, it’s exciting, you’re in the moment and living on the adrenaline and thrill of it…but the fall can be devastating. It maims many. This is what happens when we believe that success is man made. Cousins is known for glorifying God with his success. Because of his faith, he has also been persecuted. People lay in wait for him to “screw up”. Much like Tim Tebow. In our politically correct society, it is hard for people to understand why these athletes would talk so much about their religion. Tebow made waves by writing Bible verses under his eyes, talking about Jesus, and praying publicly. People even call his prayer pose “Tebowing”.

tebow3163741--415x615  Image: University of Florida quarterback Tebow warms up before the NCAA Sugar Bowl football game in New Orleans

{Photo Source HERE }                                 {Photo Source HERE }

In our society today, we make excuses for athletes that smack talk, do drugs, or shoot themselves in the leg at a night club (Plaxico Burress), but turn a critical eye towards those who live boldly for their faith. What’s the deal?! I think it’s because it challenges people. Seeing others live out their faith so boldly and passionately can make people feel like something is missing from their own lives. This means that instead of looking in our own hearts and making sure we’re not “fat and sassy”, we criticize.Human nature is infamous for knocking others down to make ourselves feel better.

Personally, I can’t even count how many times people have said to me “Oh, you workout? Must be nice to have the time”, in attempt to make me feel guilty for putting energy into improving myself. Or “Oh you’re obsessed with CroffFit.” NO. I’m a very passionate person. I’m passionate about everything I do! Don’t try to distort my passion into something dark.

The truth is that when your passionate about something, you’re always going to find friction with people. Many people don’t realize that Jesus was controversial. The religious leaders of His time hated Him. Jesus even tells the disciples “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” John 15:18. How do we deal with that? With rejection and hurtful comments? We LOVE. Even when we are slandered. Jesus kept silent and loved the Pharisees when they persecuted Him. He never told ‘white lies’ to avoid being disliked. He knew that He would be rejected by many, but that’s the beauty, that God gives us free will. We can choose Him. He doesn’t force us into a relationship with Him. His grace is always there for us. And it makes it that much of a stronger bond when we do choose Him. But Choosing Him means standing firm in the faith. It means not always being the popular one, it means being persecuted…Just like Tebow and Cousins. But our purpose isn’t to gain a following of people on earth who think we’re great. Our purpose is to live with passion, for the one who created us, and to know Him.

So I’ll end this devotion with my favorite Bible Verse:

“…we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.” Romans 5:4

humble life

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