Good Eats

9 Jun

2013-06-09 09.48.30

2013-06-09 09.52.50

 I have been out of my beloved Quest Bars and PB2 (cue the mini violin! SO sad, I know). So I have been forced to step out of my comfort zone and come up with some NEW clean eating ideas. As you can see in the picture, it was a success! I couldn’t wait to bite into my…hmm…what to call it…”Clean toast and ‘jam'”?


1 slice Ezekiel Bread (toasted…it’s just gross if it’s not toasted)

1/2 cup vanilla Greek Yogurt

1/4 cup sliced strawberries.

The hypothesis: “umm…ok. This is interesting”

The conclusion: Fireworks in my MOUTH!

I usually eat a whole grapefruit and have my morning pro-scuplt (No more coffee for me!)


2 hard boiled eggs

1 pack of 100 cal almonds

1 cup steamed broccoli with shredded parmesan cheese (YUM)


Strawberry Spinach Protein Shake

2013-05-12 06.37.48


Oven Baked “Breaded” Chicken


Here are my ingredients:


Step 1:

Crush 1 Cup of Corn Flakes


Step 2:

Use a butter Knife to cover your chicken with plain fat free greek yogurt


Step 3: Sprinkle your crushed corn flakes on BOTH sides of the chicken (you can add salt too, like I did)


Step 4:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees for 30 min. Bake and Enjoy!



RESULTS: Husband Approved (This is a badge of honor to be husband approved).

Next time I think I will experiment with adding more spices in with the corn flakes. I’m thinking SLAP YA MAMA to spice things up a bit.

2013-05-15 19.55.11

How about you? Have you tried any unique combos on a whim? How do they usually turn out?


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