Sweat is Fat Crying

8 Jun


How do you know you got in a really great workout…when your (wonderful) gym is pumpin’ the ac, and you still sweat through all your hair! Gross, right? I look like a total greaser here (sans the pack of Marblo Lights rolled up in my sleeve! Stay Gold Ponyboy!)

But in all honesty, I got in a killer workout. I started on the treadmill, with my favorite interval/hill/sprints 20 min workout. Now that it’s nice out I’ll try to take the dogs for a good 3-4 mile run by the lake or through the woods (to grandmother’s house we go!) but if I do a treadmill workout, I want it to be effective, quick, and challenging. Here’s what I did:

miss uppity workout

Next I did a strength training/ tabata workout from Jess. I love tabata training that works the WHOLE body. The more muscles involved, the greater calorie burn, and the faster you see results (and the faster you are done with your workout!) I did the GNC total body tabata found HERE.

Progress NOT Perfection


Look at all the sweat! Whew. I am a bit odd in that I LOVE to be sweaty. I find that I am the most confident when dripping in sweat. Something about hard work. I love this saying:


I found both of these on pinterest.com

Faith Focus:

I have recently been around many people who have injured themselves (not from working out) and it makes me so grateful for my own health. Every last rep or mile I complete, I thank God that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image (Psalm 139:13).

Life is hard. No matter who you are, life is going to have its challenges, but I encourage you to strive for excellence. Don’t acquiesce to mediocrity. You are worth sweating for. If you were worth dying for (and we all are, thank you Jesus) then you can push yourself to accomplish anything you put before yourself. All it takes is a little sweat equity.

When negativity pulls you under, remember this truth:

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. – Philippians 4:8

The world would like you to give up, to focus on the voices around you that tell you you’re not worth anything. The voices that tell you you can’t. But God is not in those voices. His word is truth and He tells us to focus on what is good. So, to hit my point home, instead of focusing on the donut you just ate, or how you just “hate” a part of your body, focus on what is good. When you go to the gym, don’t focus on “fixing” the area you don’t like. Think of how amazing your body is. How it has never failed you. Workout because you LOVE your body. So you can’t do a full push up? SO WHAT, take the baby steps to get there, and thank your body and thank GOD that each day you can be one step closer to your goals. Blessings are all about choices, and how you perceive yourself. My blog isn’t titled “Ohsheshines” because I have an ego issue. It’s because I believe in myself, and the one who has saved my soul. I shine, I know I do, because of my faith in Jesus. Therefore, it is not me who shines, but God, who created me. I will no longer live in the realm of insecurity and doubt. I fix my eyes upon the truth that God made me for a purpose.

What about you? Do you stress out and make a mental list of all your flaws and failures?

The truth is, you will see whatever you look for. I challenge you to find at least ONE thing you like about yourself, and focus on your good qualities. There, my friends, you will find your purpose…not in negativity, but through faith, and the power to believe in yourself. You can’t do it on your own. Neither can I. God gave us each other to build up and support one another. I am here for you. If you have any questions, comments, or etc. Feel free to leave a message or email me.

God is love, and although I may not know you, I know you are beautiful and wonderful. For God does not make mistakes. You are perfect in His eyes, regardless of your past.

Walk in Love, Live in Peace.



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