Workouts of the Week

2 Jun

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE to workout. But that doesn’t mean that I love to spend hours at the gym.

I’ve been doing “functional” workouts, which are workouts that crossover to real life demands.For example, Ryan and I are doing yard work, and I needed to shovel over 100 pounds of stones into a wheel barrow, pull it to the area we had dug out, and dump it. Once the wheel barrow was gone (we borrowed it from our friend) we filled buckets, weighing about 40 – 50 pounds. I used my “dead lift” to pick it up, swing it to my chest, and carry it. I can definitely say that my workouts have made me capable of doing this type of labor.

I don’t sit still very often, and I have noticed that lifting weights, doing HIIT training, and Crossfit inspired workouts have made me more nimble and energetic in my daily life. In other terms…It makes me not lazy. Michigan in the Spring time also makes me not lazy. When the sun in shinning, you just gotta get outside and enjoy it. I don’t take sunshine for granted (we are one of the cloudiest states in the US).

Here’s what I did this week:

(Disclaimer:*I am not a personal trainer. I am just an average person on a quest for fitness. I did not come up with any of these workouts on my own. I look to professionals whom I trust. If you are interested in these workouts, please visit their sites.)weekly workouts

All my strength training workouts come from Jess @ She is a gem. I just love her sense of humor, and  her passion for fitness. If you haven’t checked her out yet, do so! She also has ALL the correct form and videos on how to perform all the workouts. I also have altered all the cardio for my own level of fitness (I suggest you always do the same!) I have either combined, or modified my cardio workouts from Jess  or from Julie at (another trainer, and wonder woman!)


I wanted to share with you one workout that I pieced together after reading Jess’ blog about push up variations. I made it to 100 push ups in 10 minutes on Friday! Here’s how I did it:

100 push ups

I also wanted to share my favorite interval run:

interval run

And because who doesn’t enjoy looking at pictures of adorable dogs…here’s some pics of my favorite workout buddies:

2013-06-01 13.38.52 2013-06-01 13.38.44 2013-06-01 13.38.31

I don’t know if it’s because Rocky is now 6, and Gracie is almost 3, that they are so well behaved on our runs. There was a stretch there that I was afraid to bring them out…being that the two put together out weigh me! I used to wait for Ryan to take them, so we’d each have one. But, because I am stronger now, and more confidant, they can go with just me! And it is such a blessing. I love them so much!

Gym vs. Home Workouts

2013-06-02 11.50.22

Me…taking a pic…but also looking up proper form from my iPhone on

There is a time and place for everything. It seems like almost everyday I choose my workouts based on my mood. If  my goal is to push myself, I’ll go to the gym. If it’s to maintain and get a cardio based strength workout it (HIIT) I’ll stay home. My home gym includes the following equipment:

  • Dumbells- 8lb, 10lb
  • Powerbells 15lb-50lb changeable weights
  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Bands (never really use these)
  • I also have p90x, insanity, and all the Jillian Michael’s workouts (I HAVE used these religiously in the past, but I prefer not to be in front of a TV when I workout…I like to listen to my own music. Maybe I have control issues, but I want my workouts to be more of a meditation time. I listen to Christian Music, and I focus on my form. I can’t really do that when I watch a DVD…For one, my eyes are always glued to the TV…making sure I’m doing everything. Hello bad form!)

I do love the gym I go to. I like to use the equipment, because they have so much more than I do, and I’m more likely to try different things. Equipment I use at the gym:

  • Treadmill
  • Kettelbells
  • Medicine Balls
  • Bosu Ball
  • dumbells
  • Weighted Body Bars
  • Barbells
  • Reebok Stair Stepper (Box Jumps)

The best incentive to use the gym is that you can challenge yourself more by increasing weight, or using different tools. At home, you use what you have…and that might become redundant. It’s perfect for body weight workouts…but I in order for our bodies to change, we have to challenge them and put more pressure on ourselves. For me, I honestly do get better workouts at the gym.

For example, when I was doing my kettlebell workout  I had about 5 different KB’s out, because I wanted to get a feel for how I should challenge myself. Last week I could only do the 15lb and 25 lb. This time, I was able to gage how to challenge myself. I went with the 20lb for snatches, and 35 for almost everything else. I did do 40lb for dead lifts..but I went between 35lb and 40lb. In order to challenge myself…I need to know what my options are. That’s where the gym comes in handy.

2013-06-02 11.51.35 2013-06-01 12.45.54

I also challenged myself by adding more levels to my Box Jumps…which is great that I can modify, because I tried a bench jump at the park…and….I fell….flat on my back in front of 30ish people..not my finest moment. Ever since, box jumps have intimidated me. But I’m working on it…baby steps (literally!)

Here’s proof of me attempting Burpee to Box Jumps

Your Turn:

What do you prefer? The gym, home, or outside? 


2 Responses to “Workouts of the Week”

  1. rhedschofield June 3, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    I love the gym, but unfortunately I can’t afford the membership right now, so I focus on workouts at home. They are usually HIIT mixed with days of yoga. 🙂

    • mrsmartinus June 4, 2013 at 2:27 am #

      I hear ya! I quit my gym membership at a “fancy” gym…I went “gym-less” for a long stretch, and now I go to a 24 hr gym…definitely different,but way more affordable ( they run super cheap deals once in a while, I’ve learned to look out for them). Sounds like you have a good routine and are motivated at home! I need to do more yoga!

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