Stronger by the Day

12 May

To quote Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, I am “Happy, Happy, Happy”. My workouts have been challenging, but rewarding. I am feeling a lot stronger.

2013-05-11 13.18.28

LOOK! Do you see my baby muscles starting to grow! They are “seedlings” now… I was feeling really good after my intense workout from Jess at click on the link to take you to the workout I did. It was a tabata workout. It took me 24 min and it called for BURPEE BOX JUMPS! say what?! Yea, I was totally  intimidated by this one…but I just put myself out there and tried it. I went to my gym (which I am so blessed- BOTH my gym and GNC are 2 minutes from my house, and right next door to each other) and I got set up…it was so nice. On a Saturday, I was the only one in the group fitness room, so I wasn’t too worried about embarassing myself.

Here’s my set up for the workout:

2013-05-11 12.22.01

I was sucking major air after my burpee tabata! But out of all the awesome workouts Jess has put together, this is my favorite. I felt it was very effective. You can see from the pic that I had a range of weight…I wanted to see if I could challenge myself…so I selected 10’s, 15’s, and a 20 lb kettle ball for my lawnmower-squat tabata. I felt so energized after this routine…I think tabats have a way of kicking your behind, but releasing MAJOR ENDORPHINS! So I was inspired to do a HIIT tread mill workout too. Again, I really wanted to challenge myself, so I took a treadmill workout from and altered it.

Treadmill Shredmill HIIT Workout

0-5 min:  Incline at 9.0, Speed 4.0

5-15 min: incline back to 0

speed: 1 min 7.0, 1 min 8.0, 30sec 9.0

repeat until 15 min

15-20 min: Incline between 13.0 and 9.0, speed 4.0

2o MIN, 2 MILES = Calorie BLASTING HIIT workout

Total Workout Time: 50 min (including set up time)

I could NOT stop sweating after this workout. I think that means I definitely pushed myself.

Afterwards, I went next door to GNC to pick up GNC’s new whey protein. They were having a sale on Quest bars too, so I was able to get 3 boxes for the price of 2! If you haven’t had a Quest bar, you are missing out! I’ve tried every type of bar, and these are the best tasting, as well as the healthiest. They are gluten free and only 170 cal, 0 sugar, and 20g protein.

AND, I love GNC, because with my Gold Member Card, I saved $70! Whoot Whoot!

2013-05-11 14.49.34 I was a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY girl!

2013-05-11 17.16.55 Success in baby steps: My clothes are fitting better, and I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin.

The stronger I get, and the healthier I become, the more thankful I am to God. He has blessed me so much. I do not take a single breath I take for granted.

Today I am thankful for my health, clean water, healthy food, a warm home, and wonderful family and friends.

What are you thankful for today?


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