You gotta HIIT to be FIT

10 May

Go Hard or Go Home (cliches exist for a reason…right?)

Have you ever gone to they gym…had a “so-so” workout, and wondered if you even made any progress at all? If you’ve even put a dent in that double mocha you just had to have! (Oh Starbucks…I love you). I’ve had plenty of those days. But today…was not one of them.

In fact, ever since I’ve been following Jess at, I haven’t felt that way…AND I’ve been working out less…

HIIT workouts (High intensity interval training) are effective and fun. I’m hooked! They usually only take 20 min max too! I use to think you had to be a “gym rat” in order to be effective, spending 2+ hours a day in the “dreadmill”, but it’s all about the effort you put into your exercise… You can’t “phone” these workouts in, but they pay off.

The set up: My favorite interval workout is called Tabata.

  • You set a timer for 20sec of work, then 10 sec or rest. You can get a free app if you use a smart phone, or you can use a stopwatch, or gymboss timer ($20).  You do each exercise 8 times… so, often times you’re doing a move for a total of 4 minutes, but it’s totally different than just doing squats for 4 minutes.
  • The work and rest phases really let your heart rate push up and come back down…which is FAT BURNING! It also helps you do more reps than you would be able to do on your own. EX: If I tabata pushups…I end up doing 80…quality push ups…in 4 minutes! But it’s 10 at a time. I could NEVER do 80 in a row. same with squats and sit ups.
  • It also makes it fun. It’s not tedious like traditional workouts. The time literally flies when I do a tabata workout.

So here’s the workout I did from Jess at

If you want to try it, visit her site (you will be hooked!) She has videos to tell you how to do it! And she’s a certified trainer. Have I told you how much I adore her lately! (totally inspirational)

All exercises are:20 sec on, 10 sec off x 8

  1. Wall Ball
  2. Plank Jacks on a Stability Ball
  3. Medicine Ball Push Ups (OUCH! I had to do these on my knees)
  4. Split Jack Lunges
  5. Medicine Ball Crunches

I was feeling energized…so then I hopped on the treadmill and did an interval run – again- totally breaks up the monotony and boredom of running on a “dreadmill”.

Run and Getter’ Done Treadmill workout

0-1 min @ 6.5

1-2:30 @ 7.0

2:30-3:00 @9.0

repeat until you reach 2 miles

2013-05-09 19.55.19

Total workout time for me today: 37 minutes. Total Calories burn about + 400 cal. ALSO, HIIT training burns calories for HOURS after your workout. Don’t believe me? Would you believe Jillian Michaels?

What Do you think? Want to Try it? of course, you can go to Jess at and try her FREE workouts. You can also visit, another blogger whom I love! She has a lot of the same workout philosophies. And workouts are FREE.

What is your favorite workout?


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