9 May

2013-05-08 18.40.38

Beginning of my journey…today 5/9/2013 This is a very “rough” photo…but I think you get the picture…

After 1 month of HIIT training, I’m already seeing results. I am getting more definition, and I feel stronger and leaner. My clothes fit better, which is how I will gauge my progress. I am anti-scale. I do not see progress in terms of pounds gained or lost. I see progress in how I feel physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I have always been into “health food”, and working out. I’ve ran races…starting from 5k’s all the way up to the full Chicago Marathon in 2009… Somewhere along the way I got lost in a lot of the jargon and the “trendy” diets. This blog’s purpose is to share realistic, healthy, and do-able, lifelong habits. My goal is to  become the best version of myself…without loosing myself. Make sense?

I believe that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, and I do not take my health for granted. Because of this,I feel that I need to be responsible for what I put into my system and how I treat my body. I also believe that it CAN become an …..obsession (GASP!).

This is where I would “self sabotage” and say…” God doesn’t care about the exterior…I don’t need to workout or eat healthy”, or       “It’s selfish and vain that I spend an hour a day on myself…” But here’s where I am reminded that my body is a living sacrifice:

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God–this is your true and proper worship.” Romans 12:1

So what’s my motive for working out…

To get attention? Maybe a little if I’m being truly honest…But not in the worldly…look at me, I’m so great way…Just in the, “I want my husband to think he’s a lucky man” way…

To have self-esteem? YES

To challenge myself? YES

To become stronger BOTH Physically and Spiritually? YES

To feel confident and beautiful? YES

To fit in with the world’s standard of beauty? (ex: Kate Moss or_______Insert too skinny and digitally enhanced model) NOPE. (STRONG AND HEALTHY IS THE NEW BEAUTIFUL!)

So, my plan is to “cut the crap” and fads out of the mainstream diet plans and exercise.

I am not going to force myself to run 20 miles a day, or even a week for that matter! I am all about efficiency and integrity. SO, I am going to dabble in sharing with you HIIT training, Interval Training, and Crossfit workouts. These three things have revolutionized the way I workout, and how I view my body. These workouts focus on PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION!

The truth is, if we workout…for even 20 minutes a day, at an intense rate, it’s better than running for hours at a time. I plan to lift heavy things, jack my heart rate up, and get in and out of the gym (or my basement) and get on with my day as fast as possible. Life if too short to waste it!

Even in the rare cases that I  do work out for an hour (HIIT training + 3mi run)….It’s only 4% of my day…4%! I can handle that. I’m worth it. SO ARE YOU. Commit to do one thing “selfish” for yourself a day. Your body, your mentality, your spiritual health, and your skinny jeans will thank you!

*interesting tid-bit: those who workout are more mentally alert and have more energy throughout their day…I took a PE class in college, and we read a study on how working out before a test improves memory and mental focus.


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